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Name: Angela Marie Miller .. so cute yet so typical heh.
Age/birthday: 16 born 10-16-87.. I'm a twin too =)
Location: Norton Mass aka Dullsville

Ten favorite bands/artists/groups:
1.Pearl Jam
5.Matchbox 20
Five Favorite Movies:
1.LOTR Triology
3.All Over the Guy
4.Bruce Almighty
5.Rocky Horror Picture Show
What your favourite funny line from a movie? "You think your cool cause you can pee from a penis!" The Hot Chick (might be a little wrong)
What do you think of the 'Rave' culture? I'm not part of the Rave culture but for those who are, I say, good for you!! with no sarcasm intended
Some likes: writing, reading, watching tv, chillin online, hanging out with friends, going for walks, day-dreaming
Some dislikes:gossip, a lot of meat to be honest i like chicken and turkey and thats about it, cold, hot, my weight too, snobs, people who think they are better than everyone else
Pet Peeves:cracking knuckles, grammer though sometimes i dont but in person I'll correct you
Favorite smell: ahh i love this question! Freshly Cut Grass
What was the last book you read? A Separate Peace
Who is your idol, and why? This was always a hard question.. Truthfully, I guess you could say I hold great respect for my friend Paige. The guy has a lot going on in his life, many times he has a reason for not being happy, but he always holds his head up high. I hold a great deal of respect for him, a great deal.
What was your favorite old Nickelodean show? Ahh! Real Monsters.. haha!
Create a question(perhaps I will use it in this here survey)...and then answer it:
If you could have three wishes what would they be and why?
1. I'd wish for all my friends to have true happiness, they deserve it most.
2. I'd wish for my family to be going through an easier time, right now life is difficult here
3. I'd give myself one wish, and that would be to have the one thing I truly want, but I can't tell you what that is.. Then it won't come true ;)

What are your dreams and aspirations? My biggest dream is to get into Bridgewater State College, major in Psychology and just live a happy life.
If you are in college, what is your major? ^^^^
What do you really want for Christmas? There is one ultimate Christmas present, but that goes with my 3rd wish
Tell me why I would like you: I admit, I can get a bit mad, but I stand up for myself a lot. Basically, I'm just a dork who is taking life one step at a time..

Photographic proof that you are indeed, human: I'm sorry, I don't have a picture.. my proof of being human is.. sodawaffle
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